I’m DragonSaz aka- Sarah #HeyHowAreYa? Some stuff about me for to satisfy your curiosities.

  • Big Mama- literally a mother. Of. THREE!!!! Seriously?? What was I thinking?
  • Arkansas by birth… from Murica. BUT not at this moment living in Murica.
  • Legally cohabiting with a funny English guy. Reason for situation in point 2.
  • Student. The kind that can do maths good. Engineering because I think ghosts are real and I am secretly hoping to create a proton pack one day. #notreally #Iwanttobeaghostbusterwhenigrowup #iaintafraidofnoghosts
  • Ghost Tour Guide- see above.
  • Singer- and recently a player of guitars – acoustic = Faith (she pretty with her mother of pearl inlay), electric = Indie (he ugly- I call  him Barf)
  • Beach lover and seaglass collector
  • DiYer- #becausetoopoor
  • Used Car buyer… and hater #becausetoopoor
  • Baby lover (babies of all species except maybe… spiders. I do not love spiders)
  • Rock Chick- Queen is the best band of all time ever.
  • Hiker of woods and hunter of treasures #geocaching
  • Problem solver. Mystery unraveller.
  • Watcher of Netflix- Freaks and Geeks atm, previously- Suits, Community, 12 Monkeys, Brooklyn 99, White Collar, Once Upon a Time, Prison Break and a bunch of other stuff. I rarely finish a series because honestly after 1 or 2 seasons I get bored and forget most of what happened.
  • Reader of books- recently Library Cat, before that The Physics of Superheros and Lectures on Physics by Richard Feynman.
  • A person who has fleeting interest in superheroes. I’m a sucker for Captain America, though. #itcouldbetheshield #yesirealisehedidn’tmaketheshield #okikindoflikeironmantoo #eventhoughesabitofad*&$