“The Farts Were Just Out of Control.”

I honestly cannot believe how much has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s really been only two full months of New Years resolution progress but in that time I can honestly say that there have been actual life changes.

Let’s start with the Whole30. It is absolutely the best kickstarter to eating healthily I have ever attempted. It is seemingly unnecessarily restrictive (it is!) BUT it’s a proper detox…us sugar addicts need to be given some tough love. The only way to quit is to quit. The best/worst thing I have learned is how addicted I am to sugar (how we are all addicted to sugar and don’t even know it!!!). I can’t say my sugar dragon is dead yet but I can say that my willpower over the cravings wins out probably 8 out of 10 times. Also, the other brilliant thing I did was quit the Whole30 for a few days. Yup. Wait didn’t you just rave about it, Sarah. Bear with me…. (Foodie pics. See the nommy noms- banana and walnuts, haha thanks Sarah a picture of a boiled egg woofrickinhoo, a roast chicken dinner, and my favourite a sweet potato puree base “pizza”. )


Now this past weekend was kind of out of my control (a catered event) but  I let myself totally off the hook anyway. Anything and everything was permissible. I drank booze. I ate sugar. I ate bread. I even ate DAIRY (and I KNOW what that does to me). And I did all that  without moderation. I BINGED on that stuff. Ya’ll. I felt like utter and total crap. I’m not just saying that. My digestion was all over the place- the farts were just out of control. I felt nauseous. I felt lethargic. I felt like some other less awesome version of myself in survival mode.

I came home from the bingey weekend and had the onset of what felt like the flu or strep or a really bad cold. I’m not saying those two events are related… but they are probably related 😉

I have never wanted to return to a restrictive diet so much in my life. It is my baseline and you know what, I like it. I like eating healthy food. I like vegetables! (Yes, mom, I know its hard to believe!!)

So that’s settled that then. Sugary treats are treats. They are a once-in-a-while kind of thing AND they should be met with moderation because binge eating them is ridiculous- and painful.

Now I’m not saying I follow the program to the letter, ok? Some sulphates and processed things find their way into my diet. Some of the meat I eat would be considered substandard- processed lunch meat for instance. I am trying to tweak the budget to allow some wiggle room for more quality, but that in itself is a process. I go back to my original thoughts on the subject here. This is more of a #lifegoal or ideal…its not the game.

Then there’s yoga!

Omg you guys. I love yoga. I mean I LOVE yoga. I am getting more flexible every time I rock up to the mat. Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start if you are thinking of joining in because she gives you the basics but keeps telling you to do your own thing with it. I love being allowed to be a total yoga rebel. I know she has more advanced YouTube videos, so I am guessing she gets a littler stricter as time goes on. I can’t wait to find out.

I finished 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. I think about my posture more. My shoulder hurts less. My range of motion is greater. I know these are benefits because, yep I quit yoga for a few days, too. The past weekend I just didn’t have time to do it (busy event and whatnot). Some niggles started presenting themselves again. Twingey shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches started reappearing. And mostly, I wasn’t thinking about standing or sitting properly so there were new little pains appearing in my lower back and the base of my neck.

I honestly didn’t think I would feel so much benefit from doing what is a fairly light weight yoga. That being said, in those 30 days I think there might have been maybe 2 sessions where I felt more adventurous and wanted to do some of those sexy Instagram type of poses. My tree for instance got kind of large and I did attempt a one footed crow pose which resulted in a pretty spectacular topple. So even a total beginner can do the “stuff” in case you were thinking- Sarah I don’t just want to stand around on a mat for a month.

And there you have it. Yoga + Good Eats = More Healthy Sarah.

So here’s a bit of a Before and After- The left is me last summer- that belly was pretty “post baby”… (my baby was born in 2015- you can do the maths) Yikes. The other pic on the right was a couple of weeks ago. Long way to go but every day getting a littler closer.

This has all had an affect on the rest of my family. Fez has decided we’re both doing a proper Whole30 round in April (no cheats), there’s the pull-up bar and everybody is always asking for a turn on (except for me- I just can’t do them… it’s embarrassing), the kids talk about healthy food (they don’t really eat it but they’re talking about it… baby steps!),  there’s the “twister” yoga where everyone climbs on mummy while she’s on the mat, then there’s weight-loss and skinny arms or muscly arms depending on which arms you are measuring. Last but not least (not by a mile) there’s all this spare energy we all seem to have. I can see our summer looking fun and full!!!



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