R1?,2,3,4,5 D1 (not a Star Wars post)

Whole30 Blog again! Woohoo.

Ok, not really, soooo I didn’t make it. I failed. Yea. There was some pizza on pizza night last Friday. There was a cocktail, like 5 cookies, a handful of sweets, and chocolate cake yesterday on my middle child’s birthday. My stomach was bloated and my tooth hurt (yes I have a weird hurty tooth). It felt bad. I felt bad.

The longest I went was about 13 days without cheating inside that 33 day period.

Many of you finished round 1 yesterday, had your celebratory chocolate bar and are starting round two today. For those not in the lingo that’s R2D1 (Round 2 Day 1).

The failure among you- ME- is now on R1D1 . Again.

I suppose it could be worse… I could be Carl.

Here’s what I didn’t fail at. I have SERIOUSLY cut down on my sugar intake. I can count (using just fingers… and toes) exactly how many sugary treats I consumed in a one month period. Even more amazingly and more importantly I only drank two- TWO (its a big deal) alcoholic beverages. I felt more productive and energetic. I lost weight (and dropped a dress size). I became more focused. I might have failed by Melissa Hartwig’s standards but I have WON by Sarah’s standards. Yes, indeed.

You know, you’d think confessing all this would be embarrassing enough to not cheat again and really make it this time. I wish it worked like that… maybe??!?. However even if I fail, I would like to up my personal best this time though and see if I can make it 14 days or more… that seems reasonable to me!

Maybe I’m a convert then. Maybe I’m really a Whole9 (yea that’s a thing, too lol) kinda girl. These are 9 good living common sense principles put to paper blog by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa’s laid back husband. Whatever I am, I think that I can’t go back to pasta/chips/too much wine/etc after having experienced the benefits of eating wholesome food and being more mindful about what I eat and drink. Let’s say that the baseline is Whole30, ok? Let’s say I hope to get to 30 at least once but won’t give up if I don’t. (14 is still a win). Let’s say birthdays get a free pass (my oldest turns 7 on the 2nd of March). Let’s say walking the middle path is the best path 😉

So now that I’ve implemented positive changes in my diet. My shoulder is on the mend (woohoo steroid shots). Its time to get real with some exercise. I have chosen to learn some yoga. (I have stretchy handstand #lifegoals here). Yoga30 here we come. R1D1.


Yoga blogs forthcoming lol (or you know selfies of me… sitting on the floor looking thoughtful)

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