Rock Gods.

Off Topic here again lol- Honestly, I’m trying not to read the news or think about politics right now… urgh. Sorry to all my Whole30 pals. (PS- it’s not going that well- I fell off the train again with pizza of  all things but I’ll tell you more about that later… when I remember to take pictures of my salads again! ha)

Ya’ll, I love rock music. (Who’s with me?!?!)  I mean I really really really love it. It all started with those classic rock radio stations. I grew up in the USA so I’m talking about the Oldies stations. Rock from the 50’s-70’s that kinda old school stuff. First, dad liked to control the radio in the family car and from mom’s perspective the kids had to be protected from the sweary words in pop music (which nobody liked… except me) Win? Ok as a parent I get it now… but my kids listen to pop. I don’t hate it and they bleep out the bad words so we’re good.

Back then, I think I knew all the words to Lollipop by the Chordettes before I even knew who Michael Jackson was. That’s not true. I had a Chipmunks album (yup) that covered “Bad”.  So, when I heard the real version I was confused who that Michael Jackson guy was- he must have impeccable taste covering the Chipmunks like that.

Music Appreciation started early- I was kinda raised on the Big Bopper, Elvis, The Supremes, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Beach Boys and the Beatles among all the rest. Not a bad start eh??

Then I got wise. I received an alarm clock with a radio and discovered pop music soon followed by grunge and alt rock. But lets back up a step. In between being an older kid with pop music tastes that would make you seriously hurl *ahem milli vanilli *ahem… and then becoming a moody teenage who’s tastes tended towards Nirvana and the like… there was my dad’s record collection.

It’s still there- the albums are well worn from this grimy fingered 12 year old’s obsession with these guys.

Queen looking bad-ass in their Radio Ga Ga get up, apart from John Deacon …. too much hip popping going on there.

Queen is the best band of all time. Ever.

This fact cannot be disputed.

But I didn’t really write this to be all bossy and tell you how it is (but that IS how it is), I came to talk about music. Those musty albums started it all. The Beatles were there so was Kraftwerk and that trip down the autobahn. Paul Simon hanging out in the schoolyard. The Everly Brothers, CCR, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd…. dad has freaking awesome taste in music. Mom’s were in there too- but I can remember not liking them as much. Nothing wrong with Carole King or James Taylor, Helen Reddy, Abba (ok I like Abba now- just didn’t get them back then).

I knew the day would come. I would need my own vinyl collection. Can’t believe it’s taken 25 years to do that. But here we are. Fez and I won a couple of cool box sets (thanks Planet Rock and the cryptic conundrum – this competition they do in the morning), Gillan and Saxon arrived in their fancy packaging oooo ahhh. I’m late to the collectors game, so the good stuff is pricey (and probably gone) but you can justify £10 for Sheer Heart Attack, right?? The not so old stuff- Blondie, The Police/Sting, Genesis, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Meatloaf (and ABBA- I like them, ok I do) you know niche kinda stuff is still available for reasonable rates. So if you need gift ideas for me… just a thought 😉

That leads me to finish with the second best band of all time. In 2003 I caught a glimpse of their iconic music video “I believe in a Thing Called Love” and I’ve been hooked since.

In their current line-up looking very much like the rock gods they are. Apart from Dan… who looks kind of like a Geisha. Is he wearing mascara???

Two things. First, Frankie Pullain wrote a sort of autobiography which I found myself glued to… that man is a LEGEND in an afro. Secondly, the new drummer is none other than Roger Taylor’s son (the rock gods blessings upon them). He also is the bearer of the best cat name ever- Rufus Tiger?!?! Seriously, I can’t wait to get a cat. And finally (OK 3 things) there are The Hawkins brothers with talent oozing out of every orifice. Their mum must be so proud. I wonder if my kids will form a band one day. Their mum used to be in a band…Here’s hoping!

Back to DIY, whole30 and minimalism soon xx


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