Meet Fezzywig

I guess its time to introduce you to Fezzywig. He’s one of the producers and he generates like 90% of the good material here. He’s the dad to my three kids, the real geek in my house, the funny guy who puts up with my crazy and indeed that laid-back fella who amicably agreed to marry me so many years ago. We don’t have one of those weird proposal stories. There was no engagement ring. There was no getting on one knee or a fancy bottle of bubbly. There was McDonalds and a conversation… and an agreement. How romantic right?? Lol.

Never-mind, the point is we committed 10 years ago (I’m still baffled it was 10 years ago-seriously where does the time go?!?!) and as we’re still doing life together I thought I better at least tell you who he is. Fez’s real name is Tristan (Tris). Here’s a picture of us on our wedding day.

We didn’t have a photographer and smartphones didn’t take good pictures back then so we had… time stamps.

The long hair is gone but the smile remains. That’s literally the best thing about this guy. He knows how to laugh and smile and make me laugh and smile. He’s also incredibly generous (sometimes to our detriment). We’ve gotten to a pretty crappy place in our finances now and part of the reason we want to get out of the red is so that we can give more. He’s so jolly and generous I’ve nicknamed him Fezzywig (it’s nothing to do with his naturally curly and frizzy hair but I can see why you might think that). I call him that because in my mind, he personifies the character from Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Mr. Fezzywig. You know, Scrooges old boss who lives not for greed and useless excess but to bring joy and laughter to all through inclusion and generosity. I’m hoping that the name will stick… maybe other people can see it too.

Fez and I often talk about our future comedy sketch. This is totally a thing we will do one day… I mean it. We’ve  He’s got hundreds of ideas.. because he’s such a funny guy, like I said I steal like 90% of my material from him. The most recent of these had to do about the Hoobs. He thought it would be good to write something about how it’s probably a good thing that babies and toddlers can’t talk because then they would reveal all of our secrets. I said… oh please tell me more- what are these secrets to which you refer?.

For instance this scenario: I have this like spider-man level sense of smell. I can smell funk from the other side of the house. If that kid has done a poo I just know. I mean I am pretty sure I can even smell it before it is delivered to the nappy. Ok ,say I walk in through the door after work or Uni and am greeted by the tiny toddler squish and all of his baggage. Indeed the air is foul and the evidence is clear, there has been some funk production. I say to my loving husband, “hey smells like somebody needs a change” to be met with the response “Oh yea, he must have just done that. Any way you can do it?  I’m just doing …(this thing that is not important at all but looks incredibly official)” The toddler interjects “Mum, I been dragging this funk around all afternoon. That dude has been playing video games”… Mic dropped- oh dang

Or me “Oh poor dude look at that wee bump on your head. How did you get that?” Fez says “Yea little lad fell over running about crazy.” The Hoobs “Dad, just no. Mum, dad was throwing the football… in the house… at my head.”

Also, I come home to find the house in a bit of a state. Fez says “Oh gosh, sorry I didn’t manage to get anything done. Wee man has been running about crazy all day.” The Hoobs “Dude, nap-time was like 2 hours today.”

It has possibilities lol. I have jotted these down for posterity and can’t wait to hear more ideas from the Fez (indeed I will be taking notes and adding to my “I freaking knew it” list)

When we moved into our house last year and needed to make room for the fridge. One of my favourite “man does DIY” shots of Fez.

I’ll leave you with that final image. Now in the future when I mention Fez, you’ll know him a bit better and have an idea of what his sense of humour is like.

Also, if you have any ideas (don’t encourage him!!) for the sketch, do feel free to drop us a wee comment.

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