The Long Game

I’ve been thinking about the long games. I’m playing a few of them right now. Getting financially fit both with the Dave Ramsey method and trying to forge a more lucrative career. Getting regular fit. Whole30 is there to improve my eating (and more importantly DRINKING) habits which have been really expensive and over-indulgent… and it’ll be nice to finally have a trim body. Getting my house in order by joining thousands of other people trying to purge their life of stuff. Living with less. Then there’s volunteering and charity work which I need to totally figure out….

The problem with long games is that they are long. In the time it will take for them to bear fruit, will we be young enough to enjoy the freedoms? Who will benefit from all this work? I know it will be my kids but perhaps it will also be me and my husband too. Particularly with the getting regular fit. Hubby has gotten a little involved and installed a pull-up bar in the house.Right now, I can’t even think about doing one of those (but I’ve never been able to do one in the past so no change there lol) due to my shoulder situation but I have seen him do one every once in a while. He says if its in his face, he’ll do one in passing. It’s a start.

Recently installed possible concussion  Pull-up bar. All the kids have tried it too so there’s that.

On that note, after a long heart to heart with myself, I’ve decided it wouldn’t be fair to the Whole30 community having cheated with both bread and cookies during my illness to continue with round 2 *sigh*. As the founder of the program annoyingly harps on about … its the relationship you have with food that matters. I still need more time to mature that relationship even through the time of “most need”- aka being sick as a dog looking for my version of chicken noodle soup. For me, it’s bread based things. I gave in. It wasn’t just toast, though. I’ll be honest I hate half a dozen cookies. Not just any cookies… leftover Christmas cookies from IKEA. Oh you evil Swedish disks of chocolate perfection. *facepalm*

Whats another 30 days in the long game? Ok- clock reset. 30 days in the hole whole. That puts me at 24th Feb for the finish of round three. Right, I got this. Again. again…

I love a touch of fruit in my savoury salads. Grapes today.


So here we are Day 1. Lunch salad #1.


This is the long game.


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