Making Waves

Woah, man it’s been a wild ride since Wednesday. My oldest daughter caught the tummy bug and was off school Thursday and Friday. She then gave me that bug (I think!). I was certainly pretty sick Thursday night and still don’t feel right- 5 days later ?? Whats up with my stomache??? Trust me Whole30 is THE WORST when you are ill. I haven’t really been eating properly even on the program since getting ill, a banana here, orange there, a boiled egg, handful of nuts and this passionate need for a freaking piece of toast. So I ate one. I ate a piece of toast and I’m not going to start back the clock because- nope not gonna do it. #Imsickandgrumpy

Thursday I had my MRI. Never been through that before and it was much more frightening than I thought it would be. I suppose when you are a ghost tour guide and one of your favourite stories is about body-snatchers and people being buried alive… you probably have too many images of that scenario just hanging around inside your brain. Anyway, it lasted 25 LONG, SCARY minutes. Hopefully I never need to do that again. Results back next week *nail-biting*….

Of course, even feeling under the weather I wasn’t going to shirk my duties to the women’s march in Edinburgh this past Saturday. I’m glad I went. I’m glad I took my girls. I feel motivated. I’m not sure what’s next but I’m starting to brainstorm. Below are some pictures I took on our way home from the march. We’re feeling the solidarity.


I dunno about you, but I kind of swathe between trying not to offend everybody and speaking my mind, calling out the injustice where I see it. This balancing act, I think, is more of a struggle for women than men because of the way we are taught to fit into society. We are helpers. We are polite. We are supporters. We are nurturers. We are submissive. (I can’t tell you how loud and clear this message was to me growing up in a conservative Christian family.)

Most of the time I say nothing. (Silence is compliance!)  That’s because deep down I’m REALLY NICE (thanks to that same Christian upbringing) and its hard to deal with the repercussions of rocking the boat. Speaking out is super risky. Everyone has an opinion. Then there’s Facebook, right, on the one hand it is THE PLACE to pool together, share, start something, meet, discuss and on the other it is the center ring just waiting for the newest wrestlers to body slam their way in. Unfriending happens :(.

But then there was #womensmarchedinburgh It was good to see other women supporting each other and presumably their similar struggles with calling a spade a spade. It was good to see them, sing with them, shout with them, be with them and be inspired by them. I know it’s no good to live in an echo chamber though. It is time to seek out truth and inspiration and make waves!

A picture from Halloween last year, I was in skelly make-up (spooky and effective)

Oh yea, hey I’m a ghost tour guide sometimes. I love the art of storytelling and crafting a good finale, building a nail-biter, and dropping that ear-splitting scream is my specialty. I know what “alternative facts” sound like.(PS- look out for the phrase “there is evidence to suggest” just sayin…) It’s fun. It’s entertaining. The audience is almost holding their breath waiting for the dark to reveal its secrets.

I know what’s in the dark. Nightmares. Shadows. The Bogie Man. But most importantly it’s your imagination. It manifests as ghosts, noises, a touch, and terror… and it is there because I put it there. I told you the stories. I weaved these works of fiction and fact together. They sound believable because they are based in some truth. The darkness that has moved into the White House is telling a good tale. A damn good story. We have to find out where the truth is and hope that the journalists that are mocked and dismissed seeking truth will have the guts to keep pursuing other sources and find the real facts… not the alternative facts.

It’s all so fresh and the worse thing us vagina hat wearers can do now is sit on our bums, be silent and do nothing. We’ve been doing that way too long. Time to make waves.

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