The Bottom Shelf.

This week is just zooming along. It seemed like time was standing still for the first week (the very naughty week in which I crammed my face with ALL the chocolate) of my Whole30 experience and now at day 20/day 13 the time is racing along at its normal super fast pace.

The Hoobs has been infected, again. By the way if you don’t have kids (or if you do and they are all grown up and you forgot), this little place they go to- nursery here in the UK or daycare in the US (and I’m not sure what its called in other countries sorry!)- is a place of DISEASE and CONTAGION. Indeed, it was no surprise as I was writing Monday’s blog I got that dreaded phone call informing me that the small human had been sick. Panic about who has to stay home… argh.

He seemed better today and went back to the cesspool of child filth and clowns.

One fire is put out… just for another to start. Today, the sugar monster seems to have returned. I got home after lectures “famished”. The ravenous beast spied a half eaten pan au chocolat on the floor. Yes. The. Floor. Luckily, the rational human mummy lady living in my head reminded the beast that it was eaten by the same child who has recently “recovered” (he’s recovered ha- I’d never send my kid to nursery WITH illness no no…) from the ill and also that it was on THE FLOOR. I headed straight for Snackville and loaded up on tomatoes and a few slices of ham. Mug of tea down and “ham sandwich” eaten, the beast is gone. For now.

Now before I head to some proper work… Maths and Study- oh hey sidebar- I got exam results back from Maths last semester and looks like I’ve provisionally passed! Huzzah. Yes before I go do that stuff. I thought I’d show you how the pantry organisation went. Well- the bottom shelf. (I’m still working on MY bottom shelf…oh Sarah…no )

I threw out 6 bags of flour that were out of date (how did we have so much flour???!?!), 3 bags of sugar- date unknown- all of them OPEN. Also a vat of olive oil also out of date. Yikes.

Less stuff more life! Yes. I can’t wait to show you more minimalist achievements. How about a nommy nom before and after picture? Yea ok, why not- let’s do it.

Grilled Chicken Breast + Home-made Pesto (dairy free) + stir fry veg. The veg were in a frozen pack from Lidl- an oriental mix with peas. As per compliance, I did not eat the green balls of evil. I still wonder why we are suppose to loathe them… However, rules is rules.

The thing about the peas reminded me of this episode of Black Books. Lol. (That show is brilliant!) Go watch it if you have time. I mean, I know I didn’t eat THOSE peas but in general I may be inclined to eat them again one day. There’s nothing wrong with peas.

Well I’ve dawdled procrastinated long enough. To the MATHS.

See you soon!


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