Blue Monday? Maybe BLUE-berry….

Well Howdy!

This here is a Blue Monday post. Yup, apparently this is the most depressing Monday of the year… so I AM sorry… urm. This is one of those Monday posts that you will flinch from, perhaps hiss at, and finally duck under your cape as you head for your nearest brew. Why? … Because I’m too damned peppy. Run. run now. Run away from the energetic lady in the Monday afternoon slump.

I’ve been Whole30-ing for 18 days (but I only count 11 of them because I cheated so bad for the first week). In that time I have eaten a LOT of vegetables. I have already clocked at least a hundred cups of tea (and 18 cups of morning coffee). All that healthy stuff has deposited bags of energy into my otherwise depleted “tired mama” bank. If for no other reason you give the Whole30 a try- I can absolutely confirm that you will feel a lot less lethargic (even on a normal diet of “not enough” sleep for all of you mamas out there with babies and toddlers).*I don’t work for the Whole30 people- so sorry if it got a bit “promotional” just there. I’m just trying out a new clean living style and I am TOTALLY digging the extra energy. 

Breakfast salad – Sarah “make do” style: Bacon + avocado + boiled eggs + blueberries + lemon juice mix chill and eat! 

Been “making do” in the kitchen when I’ve run out of things. Blueberries became tomatoes in the breakfast salad. Chorizo became bacon in the kale soup. Coconut milk for my morning coffee in place of almond milk (shop was out! boo). And walnuts will soon be replacing pine nuts for some home-made pesto.

Purple Kale and chorizo soup. That’s it! Bit of veg stock, salt/pepper job done. Delish!

This “making do” business is part of a wider life plan. Whole30 just landed at my doorstep (a happy accident if you will) but the Dave Ramsey operation is back in full swing. What’s that? Oh its just this guy who wrote a relatively popular book that basically says “live within your means” and “create a debt snowball”. We started his plan in earnest from Feb 2015 for 6 months- paid off our credit card and another small debt, saved enough money to have an emergency fund which covered an expected baby and an unexpected eviction/house move. We fell off the wagon a bit last year… and accrued more debt. Back to it again, now.

With that in mind- we are trying to think of creative and “gazelle” ways to get our emergency fund put together and fast. I’m naturally a person who can easily cut ties with stuff. So adopting a more minimalist lifestyle (AKA selling/throwing out stuff) is no big deal for me. If it has no purpose- it’s out. But as quickly as I remove it, the semi- hoarder I live with drags it back in.

Enter the car boot sale. For my American friends/readers, that’s like a garage sale BUT you have to fit all the things you want to sell into the boot (trunk) of you car and take it to a place where you pay money to participate and people come and buy your stuff. As a lot of people don’t really have garages… garage sales aren’t really a thing here in Scotland. As such ,doing a car boot sale CAN be a bit of a hit or miss. We’ve always made money at them, but there is always the risk you might not. We… (ahem the royal we- the mister of the house ahem) sacrificed his Sunday to sell our old crap. Money straight into the emergency fund. Unfortunately for my newfound internal minimalist- a lot of that crap has made its way back home. I will eradicate. There is no hope for junk in this house.

Conservatory filled to the brim with stuff for the car boot sale. We still have that black kids IKEA chair (behind the toddler). If anyone wants it- it’s a fiver. Yea, I’m hocking stuff on my own blog. Gazelle I told you!

I need to take some before and after pictures of “mama on a mission” claiming back the space from the STUFF. Baking cupboard has had an overhaul (organised herbs and spices WOOHOO!), the kitchen drawers have been organised but need a more thorough… removal… Clothes have had a sort of Project 333 makeover (I didn’t exactly count how much I kept… I actually think it’s less than 33 anyway). I finally attacked the paperwork and uni work from last semester. However, as fast as it goes out it comes in again. Ugh! Same with that email inbox. Ugh!

This is  souvenir we brought back from Texas last year. This lizard is one of the best things in our kitchen. The kids like to put different things in his hands (although I think he prefers whisky). He made the cut 🙂

It is a lot at once. The extra energy is helping. The need to change is great. “The time is now. The place is here.”

On that note back to it. I’ll do some before and afters in the future. I love seeing them so I suspect you do too 🙂 See you soon x



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