Struggles and Good Eats

Goodmorning! Hope your week has been as productive as mine. New found energy. New found clarity. So much focus! I’m LOVING this new me.

It hasn’t come struggle-free though. Yea life, man, what a drag.

I STUPIDLY lifted my daughter from her top bunk the other night in a moment of madness and paid for it the next day. Let me back up just a little. About a year and a half ago, I injured my shoulder in what I can only consider Olympic level steam cleaning. (We have nasty old carpets that need constant attention and ultimately removal- but that’s a story for another day). Anyway, since that fateful day in October 2015 (uh huh- 2015- you read that right) I’ve been on a variety of NHS waiting lists for physio (didn’t work) and now seeing a specialist.

This isn’t meant to be a beef against the NHS nope, not at all… (a year and half after the incident…just sayin’) BUT now that I’m finally seeing an Orthopaedic surgeon, things are moving forward. I had an x-ray and it revealed the culprit to my pain is a bit beyond “steam cleaning injury”. An old cyst has weakened one of the bones in my shoulder joint and there is some serious inflammation in there. Steroid injection is on the cards after an MRI to learn… more. Yes,that is as ominous as it sounds. The internet assures me this type of cyst is not malicious just the bringer of pain.

However, back to the idiot move. I lifted my nearly 7 year old down from her bunk and immediately knew that I’d be paying for that the following day. AND BOY DID I EVER! I was chasing my ordinary medication with all the paracetamol.

Let’s just say days like that wreak havoc with my digestion. It could be worse though- I could be taking all the drugs all the time… like a lot of people out there with chronic pain. I feel for ya guys! You are superhuman each and every one of you, you totally have my respect!

I seem to be back to the ordinary level of pain which is good. (Did I just say that? Man- mid life struggles- 17 year old me is scoffing).

The sugar monster seems to have moved out. The force is strong here. Now that the sugar has been eradicated I’m working on portion control and balance. Still leaning toward the protein but there have been a few meals with either extra unavoidable veg or where I’ve just stopped eating when full leaving several bites left on the plate. Those moments felt good.

For posterity, I have photographed some of my faves the prettiest. One of my tops has been spagbol with zoodles. The mister cooked that for us and overdid the coodlezoodles but despite the mushy texture, the overall taste was delicious. We discovered this lady (Lisa Brian) and she had trialed many methods for spiralizing and cooking. We use a handheld one because we are cheap and it is what we have, but after moosh night (in the wok too long) we now prefer the microwaving method of heating the zoodles. You might fancy some other method or maybe you have a more sophisticated spiralizer. Head to this page and you can get some pro tips from her blog.

Sweet potato and courgette have featured prominently but I am thinking next week we get back to peppers and onions! I’ve got my eye on this fajita recipe. A lady in my group had it this week and it got my mouth watering. Kids love fajitas anyway and they can have wraps so WIN.

Also, I’ve moved to Almond milk in my coffees truly abiding the with dairy free conditions of the program now. I’ve added it to the scrambled eggs to fluff them up a bit as well. I also made another batch of almond butter considering my last effort ran out pretty quick. I may have over-salted this batch though… boo. I need some balance ideas for sweetness- at the moment the only thing palatable with it is fruit. It wants jam though… I know it does. *sigh*

Well ya’ll, I hope you’ve got good eats on your table too! I’d love to know what you are cooking up or pro prep tips. I LOVE the idea of eating a poached egg  more often but I got no poached egg skills… maybe… #foodchallenge?? Ok, you’re on! Poach an egg. Let’s see who can do it like a pro!

Catch you later xx


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