“If you’re not tired, you’re not doing it right.”

I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a while now.

Actually, I meant to start this blog completely differently about 4 months ago. It was supposed to be all girl power and girls can do anything- be anything! Because 4 months ago, this mama enrolled herself in university again. She hung up her nappy bag (NOT her nappy bag… never mind) and put on her backpack!

She would have proudly gone on to explain that she has had such a burning desire to study maths and engineering for over a decade and that she has finally realized her dreams happily strolling along those great halls once again. That’s an amazing intro to modern feminism and girl power, amiright?

Well, I’m glad I didn’t start that way because it would have set the bar too high! What? Impossible, Sarah. I know I know but wait… there’s more.



Last semester was so much of a blur that I’m not even sure it happened. It was an awful lot like being dropped into the ocean, while someone pointed in the general direction of land. There are enough memes on the internet to make this true, ENGINEERING IS FREAKING HARD. It was a daily hourly struggle not to quit.

There. I said it.

I never expected it to be easy. Or maybe I did expect it to be easiER than what I endured. Is that the old mama who hasn’t been in formal education in a million years talking? Is that Year 1 Mechanical Engineering student talking? Is that the girl who is bluffing ok at maths and pretty much sucks at physics talking? Who knows. But one voice is constant… suck it up girly, you made this bed now get into it.

However, my hope has been restored… kind of. Today was the first hands on workshop of the year. Learning the tools. Marking Blue (that’s shop lingo for drawing on blue metal with a metal pen scribe).. In two weeks time we’ll be cutting and filing our pieces. Getting dirty is part of the package and its nice to finally meet… the dirt.

I realise I’m a bit of an anomaly here choosing this profession based on my age, and life circumstances, my cultural background, and sex. As my dad told me a long time ago- “Sarah, you are outside the box”. Maybe outside the box means insatiably inquisitive with a dogged determination to understand. I know its cliche but there is a831f811efce6045f7f832fe950087d72cd33df3755b8ee2f722a23cb24527389 sea of young men… boys… knowing that they want to build machines…make machines… create the objects that run our world. You don’t have to be outside the box to see that its important for girls- or women (mamas and grannies I’m looking at you too!) to get involved in this game. We live here too! I’m sure (like me) you have some brilliant ideas of how to make it a better here. Come on girls. Lets do this!!!!

And that’s the end of the motivational speech… sorry… that got a bit weird….

I reckon by exam time this semester (I wish that wordpress had the ransome note font… ) you may see the Mr. Mrs. Hyde emerge so lets keep it real. Yea, yea I hear ya. Back to the study, girl! Ok, Ok. 🙂 See ya later.

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