4 Days Sugar Free

It’s Whole30 update time.

I’ve been at this 10 days into the program BUT coming to the end of my real 4th day. Because *drumroll* I have been sugar-free (no cheats) for almost 4 whole days!

Who am I?? I’m freaking wonder woman that’s who!

This has been easily the most difficult thing I have ever attempted to do in…my…LIFE.

Only 26 more days to go before I can crack open that bottle of bubbly. But I wonder, will I want to cheat much after this is all over? This small success has come with some slightly surprising perks.

First of all, I know you get told this by every fitness guru/magazine/infomercial/expert-person, but its totally true. Eating healthy gives you some serious energy. Today was the first day I did not feel that mid-afternoon lethargy. Just checking the fitbit, YEA BUDDY, I have clocked in 13,000 steps today. Those steps bought me some substantial beach time.


Just look at that happy lady. She’s in her element I will tell ya. Smell that seaweed and the salty air with me for a moment. Listen to the woosh of the waves and the gurgle of the rocks. Admire that gorgeous seafoam under the breaking surf.

Thanks for joining in there.

Got the energy, check. I’ve also done something a little naughty (but not cheaty!). The program creators said you shouldn’t get up on the scales- no fat measuring allowed. Ummm… so I happened to urm kind of slip in the bathroom once twice ok this event took place x number of times- lets just say it has something to do with probabilities and Gaussian curves ok? Astonishingly, all my clothes fell off as well at that exact same moment AND the digital reader just blinkered on the number. Not kidding true story- totally not my fault. The good news though, I’ve already dropped 5 lbs. I mean that right there is motivation to stay the course.

Here’s whats been on my plate. Rather, these are the things I took pictures of as the last few days has included some leftovers, a banana pancake for dinner if you will remember from this blog entry, and an incredibly dull dinner of 2 boiled eggs and a banana which would not have justified mentioning except for the point that even on a flavourful diet such as this one you are bound to have an “off” night.


I’ve been stir-frying a lot of delicious things. The wok is my friend. Coconut oil is my friend. Notice the zoodles (zuchini noodles… but over here they are courgettes so I guess I SHOULD call them coodles), yep I put that vegetable spiralizer gratefully received from Santa in 2013 to good use! I reckon coodles or auberoodles (aubergines… or egg plants for my American readers )  will be making an appearance in future dinners.

There’s been roast chicken thighs, Spanish omelette and STEAK. The brown stuff in that veg mix (see pic) on the steak plate is actually *ahem* overcooked sweet potato hash. Man was it good- bit of caramelized goodness going on there. Oh and tea. Lots and lots and lots and lots… you get the idea… of tea.


Just remembered… before I sign off for the night, the tableware needs mentioning. Who doesn’t love a bit of whimsy in the kitchen. Those fish plates came from Ikea, the GILTIG collection designed by Katie Eary. I have no idea which way the Betta fish fins are supposed to be pointing (my sister-in-law does though… and these things are important) that said…I’m pretty sure he’s upside down, but its hard to tell with his big weird eye. I love those plates. I will cry when one of the kids breaks one…

Have a great week! I’ll pop in again soon xx

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