Meet the Hoobs

I’m going to back up a little and introduce you to one of the members of my family.

The baby!


Meet the Hoobs. Well he doesn’t look like that anymore (he’s a toddler nowadays)! And neither do I for that matter…

He’s the final addition to the kid collection we started a few years ago. I’m that girl if you had met me about hmmm 7 or 8 years ago I would have said “yea maybe I’ll have kids one day…. maybe not. I really have no idea what to do with kids. I am not sure I can even get pregnant”- (TMI time) My period USED (its all sorted now though- three pregnancies does that to you) to be so irregular I think I might have had 4-6 a year. So my concerns about that and some fertility issues on one side of my family gave me real reason to think “not gonna happen”

But suffice to say, his big sister proved that I was wrong about not being able to conceive children. As far as knowing what to do with them?

Well, lets head a little further into history for a little story I used to be SUPREMELY embarrassed by but now find kind of funny. I am the oldest of two kids and there is only 12 months between me and my brother. My only limited access to babies was with my little cousins and later on my older cousin’s kids. Also, because I grew up in a state far from my extended family, I was lucky to maybe see them once a year in the summer. Oh and I have to mention, we raised baby animals. I was exposed to kittens and puppies pretty early on- so really that was my only basis of comparison. I lead with that to justify 12 year old me- her inability to hold a human baby correctly and her ability to make strange assumptions about them. My cousin had just had her first baby and was introducing us to her.The baby was sound asleep (which is what newborns do… sleep is what they ARE… I get why that phrase “sleeping like a baby” is so overused). My mom was talking to my cousin about the colour of her eyes and what they might be. So I’m thinking, oh they don’t know what colour her eyes are because she hasn’t opened them yet (ahem kittens ahem). So I ask, “So when is she going to open her eyes”. Thus ensued the guffawing… Lets just say its still one of those little family anecdotes that get retold from time to time round the dinner table.

So, I suppose it wasn’t just a shock to me that I’d become a mom. It was a shock to the rest of my extended family. But despite my early misunderstanding of babies, I’ve turned out to be really into kids and dare I say- a pretty cool awesome mom. My own kids are really fun, can be totally adorable, and they say the most amazing things. And thank God, they are a thousand times brighter than I was at their age.

Back to the That’s a more up-to-date picture.

His real name is Hugh (Hughie sometimes). But Hoobs comes from Hubert and THAT is from my brother. We had only really decided on his name a few weeks before he arrived. It was REALLY hard picking a name we both liked (we also had a name picked out for ages that we both eventually fell out of love with). Anyway, my brother on the phone was  so miffed that we hadn’t told him the name yet that he said he’d just name him Hubert. The coincidence was too perfect, so I told him the new name and Hubert just kind of stuck as well.

He’s my learning curve with little boys and man is he FUN. By fun, I mean insane of course. Chaos and destruction is our new thing. The girls also scream a lot more due to the… boy things.

The dude has got a tummy bug just now. He’s a miserable grumpy guts and super clingy when he’s sick so the last few days of winter break has been. Difficult. Nevermind. I love this time with him and his big sisters. At the same time, I am ready for the regularly scheduled program to return. Classes for me, girls at school, him at nursery, and the daddy back at work. Next up on the calendar, Easter break.


Here’s a picture I took of the little guy today. He’s got opinions about mummy’s camera and I think if he knew how to speak grown-up, those opinions might include a few sweary words

Now you know him a bit better. If he pops up in any future blogs, just inset screaming and expletives. That’s how we do.

See ya later xx


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