So it’s been a week since I started Whole30 and this blog. It’s been 168 hours since I committed to these big changes. 10,080 minutes of deciding to live differently. 604,800 seconds of new year new me. And I was asleep for about 28% of that time.

In 7 days, I have stuck to the prescribed diet without cheating for exactly 2 days (or in reality roughly 24 waking hours of willful decision making). That’s nearly a 30% success rate- which by university standards is a fail. Good thing I can do resits. The other 5 days I have given in to my addictions. Sugar. Chocolate. Sweeties.  And the worst one of all which has been ever present… no days clean.. no successful quit days… my phone. Tech. Social Media.

SUGAR- I didn’t even know it was an actual addiction until I started trying to quit it. The headaches, body-aches and other flu-like symptoms are real #sugarownsme

I have to find that ironclad willpower. The real problem is the lack of replacement feel good. It’s a sugar quit, a carb cull and alcohol denial. I am hoping day 8 (today) distractions will do the trick. Oh and rounding up all the chocolate, putting it into a bin bag and giving it to that man enabler when he’s home.. TO HIDE FOREVER.

The other addiction… my phone. The stuff. Last night, I watched this documentary on Netflix. Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. There was a lot in there to inspire but what I’ve really walked away with is a renewed sense of purpose to declutter. Most of my stress (and stress eating) stems from having too much in my small space which I share with 4 other people. My British husband doesn’t find this as frustrating as I do and if there is one big thing we don’t see eye to eye on its how we live and use our space. I feel like that deserves its own blog post one day.

Despite my cravings and cavings I’ve managed to cook up quite a lot of tasty meals. At least I can say I am DEFINITELY eating healthier and more flavorful foods. Here are the highlights of the last few days:

Lunch- Garden salad with chicken, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crushed salt/pepper
Breakfast Salad- Recipe HERE – using bacon instead of sausage and no fresh cilantro on hand










Bacon and Kale Soup- My kids call this Mermaid Soup (the kale is seaweed). Easy, warming and delicious.



Here’s to overcoming addictions and whatever method that takes for you. I’m lucky to have found a Facebook support group with encouraging members. But I know it will take the renewed (hourly, minutely, secondly) resolve to change. Here’s to the next… 30… I mean it 30… THIRTY!… days 🙂




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