Back to the Beach

Along side my Whole30 and healthy eating resolutions I’ve also decided to get myself back to the beach. How did I get to this point of pining for the salty seaweed air??

Summer 2015 we were evicted from our beautiful and spacious flat a stone’s throw from Fisherrow beach in Musselburgh. Our landlord wanted to reoccupy her flat and oot we were sent. It was devastating but as much as it hurt, honestly, one door shut and another opened. We were finally able to buy a house of our own.

Now by Sarah’s American standards we are still a stone’s throw from the beach (a 20 minute drive- that’s SOOO close) but by British standards, which I have become accustomed, we may have well moved to another country entirely. It’s been hard to find the time given all of the needs of the household and the studies. (Oh yea did I mention… I’m in year 1 of a four year Engineering degree??)

Hence the need for a solid and meaningful resolution. My soul NEEDS to get to the beach. The kids and I are still on our winter break from school and nursery so I’ve been fortunate enough to get down to the beach twice in the last few days.

Having a beach adventure with the kids.

I dragged the kids out with me yesterday. They were having fun being kids- digging in the sand, throwing rocks into the sea, looking for creatures, climbing on the boulders, sniffing seaweed. Telling jokes.

My oldest (she turns 7 in March) is quite the comedian. She said “Mummy, do you know why the sand is wet?” I said… ummm “It’s because the sea weed.” I love that kid. She’s just as sharp as her daddy!

Another of my favourite past-times at the beach is beach combing. Or in certain circles its called seaglunking (seaglassing + spelunking) I love it. I’ve collected a lot of stuff over the years- seaglunking since before that funny kid was born. Treasure hunting at it’s most beautiful!

Wee cat-eye seaglass marble.

Here’s the best treasure we found yesterday. Seaglass marbles are a delicacy in the beach glass collecting world. They are so whimsical and come in such a variety of colours and sizes.

I used to sell these in an Etsy shop and I’m tempted to return to doing that but right now I feel so much more attached to these little balls of glass.My own small collection is growing and I’ll probably keep it that way… for a while.


Here’s hoping that I am able to etch out time to get to the beach and add more steps to the FitBit. But not forgetting my commitment to Whole30. And on that note- hey I made Almond Butter.

Home-made almond butter

I know it doesn’t look particularly appetizing but it tastes pretty amazing. However, it took some serious commitment making this stuff in the food processor. This was the very first thing the food processor has ever made and I was quite proud of its stamina (It took a WHILE). I was warned about that though- I followed this “recipe”

Things I learned during this expeirence: Use LOTS of almonds- not one wee tiny packet from Lidl. AND those suckers need to be roasted first as apparently that makes them easier to turn from crushed into squished. I didn’t use very many nor did I roast them and it took like 45 minutes of stopping and starting scraping things back to the blades etc. And I only ended up with maybe 3/4 cup worth of gooey goodness.


Whole30 Banana pancake.

Oh and I made something else. Banana pancakes- oh my goodness WIN.

I used two bananas and two eggs. A dash of cinnamon. All that was whisked up until sort of bubbly. Low and slow as per other bloggers recommendations in coconut oil. (Flipped like a professional by the mister of the house) It made this big one and two little ones. I only ate the big one  and that was plenty. The kids LOVED them and gobbled up the other two. I can see this being a permanent addition to breakfasts around here.

I cheated on the Whole30 pretty bad yesterday with mad mince pie and chocolate eating frenzy. Bad enough to warrant a restart I think. So here’s to another 30 days of new diet. Prunes have made a welcome addition to the regime. And there’s a cheeky bottle of bubbly waiting to be consumed upon completion. Reasons to put the chocolate and mince pies INTO THE BIN!!

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day whatever you’re getting up to and if you are doing the Whole30 as well- GOOD LUCK to you!!

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