The Niggles of a New Diet

Happy New Year to you and yours! Can you believe we are living in 2017 already? Me neither. But here we are 🙂 So best get on with the business of LIVING.

I’m currently on the Whole30 day no. 4. Here’s a rundown of the things I’ve encountered so far.

Here’s my lunch from Day 2. Ham Salad with olive oil drizzled over the top and crushed salt/pepper.

Chocolate is my weakness. Day 1 yea I gave in to those gingerbread house sweeties. Day 3, I ate a whole chocolate Santa head. I am ashamed of my total lack of willpower when it comes to that naughty chocolaty goodness. I don’t think it will be possible to totally eradicate it from the premises as the little people who live here would be pretty miffed if I chucked it all out. My plan to help overcome this problem- get the daddy to help the kids hide their (and HIS) chocolate so mummy can’t find it. I’ll let you know how that works.

I am kind of a sleuth though….





Day 3 Dinner. Chicken breast with sauteed pepper, shallots, chorizo and squash in olive oil all baked together. I made rice for the rest of the family – a side salad for me.

The constipation and bloating has returned. I thought my period was starting yesterday because the cramps were so bad (and maybe that is still the case although no evidence so far) but (so sorry TMI again) the little poops are a literally a pain in the ahem. I’m off to Holland and Barrett’s today to get the fibre supplement- thanks for the advice Jackie. If that doesn’t do the trick- I’m thinking I will have to ditch this diet and eat bread again. Please no! I really want to win 🙂

I’m overfilling on protein and not veg. It’s that carb dependency at mealtimes thing. I
grew up in a house where bread was always on the table with every meal. It’s really hard to break that psychological addiction to full foods. If you are doing this (or have done it in the past) I hope it was an easier transition to have the right balance of food on the plate. It’s pretty hard going for me right now and my digestive system is feeling the full brunt of the consequences.

Drinking enough water! Day 3 with all the cramps I was popping pills to keep me upright (and perky at work!). I know, I know – I know- that adds to the constipation problem if you don’t drink enough water. How do you do it- how do you stay hydrated? I might start wearing a camel and setting an alarm to tell me when to slurp lol. Nope that’s not really gonna work is it? I need some advice. What do

I love good hair days!!

you do to remind yourself to DRINK??

I reckon these are just early day problems. They (I love them) keep telling me this stuff is normal and it will even out soon. Fingers crossed.

Apart from the diet life has been pretty good the last few days. I’ve had a fair few tours to do- lots of extra steps on the fitbit. I had a good hair day!! The kids Christmas pressie from Grandma and Papa arrived a few days ago and we had the time to put it together. Kids have been having fun on their new swingset. The joys of childhood. Lucky, lucky them.


And good luck to you and any New Years resolutions you’ve taken on!

2 thoughts on “The Niggles of a New Diet

  1. Set alarms on your mobile for every 30-45 minutes. Or drink a glass if water before each food stuff. I also drink one after brushing my teeth. Get a water bottle(a litre) and a black permanent marker pen, draw lines/marks every 200 ml down and write a time 11am/12pm etc down it, mark both sides so on front maybe have 10-2pm intervals and back start at top again and do 3pm – 8pm. Aim to have reached the line by that time – refilling the bottle at 2pm and starting at top again.. that way two litres evenly spread across day.


    1. My problem is I lose these things to the little people- water bottles (and cups of water/juice) become free for all. I also lose things in general. I might try the alarm though and see if that helps


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