New Years Resolution… a Whole2 days early.

It’s the 30th of December 2016 and I’m doing it. Again.

New Years Resolution time. I’m two days early this year though, so I guess I can tick “be more punctual” off of last year’s resolution list. New Year New Me. As a group of humans, we LOVE fresh starts. Throw away the old. Start again.

I live for fresh starts. I’ve been fresh starting all my life! My life in the UK, my 3 other untouched blogs #writerfail #writerFRESHstart, my return to university and on and on. I know you’ve got a list as long as mine or you wouldn’t be thinking about …. another fresh start right now? There’s no shame here. Fresh start AWAY.

So what am I up to then that warrants a second third fourth fresh start at blogging and your opportunity to peer into my tiny corner of the world? I’m doing the Whole30. Mostly. If you were like me a week ago, you might not have a clue what that is. Well here’s a link to the official page A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned she was doing this lifestyle change (it’s not a diet- or so they keep telling me) thing and needed some support. Like a dog to a fresh-start bone I signed right on up.

Once I looked at the website I realized that I’ve already kind of tried this not-a-diet before. I gave up bread for about 3 weeks and felt brilliant apart from the (so sorry-TMI) awful constipation. Symptoms bad enough to visit the GP. Yikes

Drinking enough water is Sarah’s big ole PROBLEM and one I must rectify on this second attempt.

Soooo I’m doing it BUT I’m giving myself two cheats. First off- I have tried and failed repeatedly to drink coffee sans milk. I know I’m lactose intolerant already thanks to the (TMI look away now) insane diarrhea and gastro incidents of 2013.  So a dash of lactose-free or soya milk in my morning coffee stays. I’m also not going too over the top with the no- sulphite rule. If its on the label I’m not gonna freak.

Here’s what I think. I’m going to be pining for chocolate and wine like any self-respecting mum would. But the rest? I think I can manage.


So here is my breakfast on Day 1. Stir-fry scrambled 3 x eggs in coconut oil with frozen veg (Italian style is my fave from Lidl!!) and a kiwi on the side. I only ate half of this. I’m used to only having a couple of boiled eggs in the morning or a slice of toast. This breakfast was massive. I might do something a little simpler on my more busy mornings when I’m back in classes. But hey ho- HOLIDAY mode still engaged and I had the time… so why not??

Rightio it’s time for tea and gingerbread house decorating with the kids. I can’t put it off anymore they’re getting pretty annoyed with my excuses. It’s not that I worry that I will eat all the candy- seriously I have more willpower than that this is #freshstart day1 – its that the icing sugar is so MESSY. *shudder* mess. I’m not the most relaxed “crafty mom” see above about the… WINE. But I love them and they need to do this. So gingerbread house making is GO.

Thanks for joining me on my Whole30 journey. Are you doing it too? Or is your FreshStart 2017 something even more epic? Tell me all about it. I’d love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution… a Whole2 days early.

  1. Constipation re not eating bread. I suffer this with my gluten imtokerance, you get capsule six psyllium husks in Holland and Barret that i pop daily and that contains the fiberbto keep me moving.

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